Swiss Remote DX Amateur Radio Station at 1'660m

Frederic (HB9CQK) and me are working on a Swiss mountain remote DX-Station project since Sept. 2018. We have many challenges such as strong wind, ice, thunderstorms, snowfall, big temperature differences, Windows 10 updates, etc., but I'am happy to report that we have managed to carry out the first few QSO's from this incredible location with our 14-element OptiBeam and the HyEndFed 8 wire-antenna.

Goal of the solution
The aim of our Remote DX-Station is to operate a remote radio site via the Internet, where there are almost no "man-made interference" (e.g. PLC, power supplies, solar power system, DSL-lines, etc.). Ideally, the location is slightly elevated and has a 360° all-round view.

Flexradio 6700, LZA-10-5 10-element Beam (10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m), OptiBeam OB5-6 (6m), 54m Wire-Antenna with a Stockcorner JC-4s Tuner (30-160m), Expert 1.3k Amplifier, Prosistel PST61D Rotor, EA4TX Rotor Control, DX-Engineering DXE-RTR2, Balun Designs, Lightning Protection, Airspy HF+ with Spyserver SDR, Nport 5410 for Expert Remote-Control, and a public KiwiSDR for the HAM community.

Live 360° WebCam
free Live KiwiSDR Receiver at 1'660m (Offline since 24.11.2020). A new Websdr-Server soution such as will be up and running in Q1/2021)
The website of Frédéric HB9CQK provides additional information.
Article in German about our Remote DX-Station from Jörg (DD8JM)

Three strong winter storms (Petra, Sabine and Bianca) in February 2020 destroyed all our antennas. In June 2020 we rebuilt the entire Remote DX station and put it again into operation.
Complete technical Documentation [2’621 KB] of the Remote DX-Station

Drone Flight - 8. August 2020

Video Final Installation 26. June 2020

26. June 2020 - Rebuild after Winter-Storm

6. Aug.2020 - Installing JC-4s Tuner with 54m Wire

History (1943) and Future (2020) - English

First Installation 28. August 2019

Winter - December 2020

Sunset 13 July 2020

Sunset 7 July 2020

Zoom from Space to the Antenna

2. Jan. 2020 - Drone Video of the old Antenna

View from the Mountain at 1'660m

Final Equipment

Flexradio 6700, OptiBeam OB5-6 (6m), LZA 10-5 - 10 element Beam (10-20m), 54m Wire-Antenna with JC-4s Stockcorner Tuner, Expert 1.3k Amplifier, Prosistel PST61D Rotor, DX-Engineering DXE-RTR2, Balun Designs, Airspy HF + with Spyserver, Lightning Protection, KiwiSDR Receiver for the HAM community, Sennheiser DECT wireless DW Pro 2 Headset